Vacating Tenants

Upon conducting your vacate clean we ask that you pay special attention to the following;


  • All bench tops, cupboards, doors and shelves to be cleaned.
  • Oven, grill and hot plates to be clean and free of grease, built up grime and stains.
  • All oven racks and grill trays to be clean, and to remain at the property.
  • Sink, drainage hole and base of taps to be scrubbed clean. Plugs to remain at the property.

Bathroom & laundry

  • Shower screen (curtain or glass) to be clean and free of streaks and soap scum.
  • Shower/bath to be free of grime, soap dishes and drainage holes to be clean. Plugs to remain at the property.
  • Mirrors, vanity and toilet to be clean.
  • All tiled surfaces to be lint and dirt free.
  • All mildew to be cleaned off with bleach or similar product.
  • Exhaust fans cleared of dust.

Generally throughout property

  • Windows to be cleaned inside and out (Accessible windows only)
  • Walls, light fittings, skirting boards, doorframes and windowsills to be cleaned. Cob webs to be removed from walls & ceiling.
  • Inside cupboards and drawers to be cleaned.
  • Bath & shower screens etc to be cleaned & free of soap scum etc.
  • Carpets to be free of stained and damage, and professionally shampooed.
  • Tiled/other floor coverings to be clean and free of grime, lint and stains.
  • All garbage to be removed, under sink bin to be emptied
  • Repair any items that you know need your attention, prior to our inspection,
  • Inspect all cupboards and rooms prior to vacating premises to ensure that all of your belongings have been removed.

All vacating tenants are to complete the Tenant Vacate Form, download a form HERE or request a copy from your property manager